Aquarium Design Professionals Reviews

“We have had ADP taking care of our aquarium for more than 15 years. Before being introduced to Gregg and Mark, we had three different companies servicing our aquarium. We initially had a 150 gallon saltwater tank with fish and fake coral decorations. Fish were constantly dying and we couldn’t figure out why. It was at that point that we hired ADP through the recommendation from a friend who was using them. They consulted with us and we decided to design and install a 180 gallon reef aquarium with living coral while we were doing renovations to our house.”

“It is now the showpiece of our home. Everybody who comes to our house is amazed by the colorful fish, live corals, anemones, and other life, as well as how much it looks like the ocean. Its like having the Great Barrier Reef right in our living room. I would highly recommend ADP and I’m sure you will be more than happy with their knowledge and creative abilities.”

Jay S., Lincolnshire Resident

“We at Children’s Dentistry Group truly enjoy our colorful, lively, and well maintained large coral reef aquarium in our patient waiting area. It absolutely brings our office to life, and our patients and their parents love it. The children love looking at the tank and trying to find Nemo and Dory the most, but also enjoy watching the shrimp dance during feeding time. Watching the corals grow, change, and sway in the waves is fun for not only our patients, but our staff as well.”

Dr. H., Lake Zurich Dentist

“The aquarium in our lobby is a focal point for both our customers and people walking by. When we moved into our new studio space ADP worked directly with our general contractor to ensure everything was built to spec. Gregg handled each step of the process and delivered an attention grabbing live coral reef aquarium.”

Bill V., Forest Park Business Owner

Having the African cichlid aquarium in our school learning center provides a calming and warm feeling for our students. In addition, having a large aquarium also provides unique educational opportunities for our students and has been a valuable tool for education.

Ann S., Library Administrator

“My coral reef aquarium is the centerpiece of the main floor of my home, designed to separate my kitchen and living room and visible from all sides. It provides and active and ever-changing scene with multiple new interests at any point in the day or night. Having said that, if it doesn’t look good, it’s a problem because it is still the centerpiece in my home, but not in a good way.

Before ADP took over the care of my aquarium, that was a constant issue. ADP was able to completely redesign the aquarium, life-support system and lighting. With their expertise and high level of care, the aquarium has been thriving without issues for several consecutive years. Occasionally, minor problems spring up, but Gregg is always on top of it with a solution that corrects the issue without impacting the animals. The biggest problem I have now is that I have so many huge corals that they are taking over the tank!

My biggest regret with my reef aquarium is not having had it initially designed and installed by ADP. Their high level of knowledge and creativity would have certainly made my aquarium even more spectacular, as well as functional and allowing me to be more involved in the process.”

Linda B., Northfield Resident

“Aquarium Design Professionals have provided one of my top go-to happy places, right in my home; 270 gallons of lush coral growth, gorgeous fish, vibrant colors, subtle motion, and absolute tranquility. Exceptional job by ADP with our residential coral reef aquarium.”

Scott M., Deerfield Resident

Heller Nature Center places an emphasis on educating the public on the native fish of Illinois through the use our large freshwater aquarium. The aquarium is one of the first things kids run to when they arrive to the center, and enjoy trying to count as many fish as they can. Mark with ADP does a great job of servicing our tank and keeping it running clean, healthy, and efficiently. They ensure our tank is always stocked with healthy native fish and aquatic plants, and ADP has exceptional customer service.

Jessica R., Heller Nature Center Manager

“I’ve had a coral reef aquarium for 20 years, and have always enjoyed the beauty of the fish, corals, anemones and other creatures. Having this aquarium is a great source of relaxation in my life, and the design allows me to easily put myself in front of it with a glass of wine and just immerse myself in the reef. I enjoy being able to take care of the aquarium myself, but there have been times where things have gone in the wrong direction, and Gregg and ADP’s expertise has always been able to get everything back on track. Without ADP, I probably would have gotten rid of the aquarium years ago. However, ADP has always been there with the knowledge, techniques, and equipment that keep my reef thriving and growing.”

Tony K., Northfield Resident

“ADP has designed this tank to be in constant motion and continuously growing. Their care-taking has created an aquarium where the coral has grown to fill the entire space. By subtly changing the structure occasionally, they keep the aquarium looking new and interesting, as well as allowing for corals to continue to grow and expand”

Tracey S., Deefield Resident

“From patients to staff, everybody loves the aquarium in our dental office. It truly helps us deliver the best care to our patients when they arrive in our chairs more relaxed.”

Helen C., Chicago Resident